Thursday, January 2, 2014

January stock up results

Stock up money $93
Toilet paper
Laundry detergent
Dish soap
Bar soap (bath soap)
Dryer sheets
Dog food
Dog treats
Cat litter
A furnace filter
Gallon of Organic Milk
$4.86 left over

I'm thinking and hoping that all of the above will at least last for all of January. These items are generally my budget killers so hopefully having bought them all at the beginning of the month and in larger quantities than I normally buy now I'll be able to stick closer to $15 a day.

I NEVER buy dryer sheets but our house is getting really static-y with the frigid temps outside and my sons fleece PJ's are giving him countless little shocks. I had hoped to have more left than $4.86 (for gifts later) but I splurged on a new furnace filter and dog treats (that I'd forgotten we ran out of).

I also picked up a few groceries today. I'll do actual grocery shopping when I finish up work tomorrow. I spent $9.57 on food just for Abe. Including him in the daily spend this year is going to be challenging. I'm nervous but at the same time I'm ready for the challenge... I think.


  1. I think you did a great job! Those larger (and often more boring!) items can really eat up the budget :-(. I am pledging to not buy any household/personal items (read: stay out of cvs!), as we have a bit stocked from when I play the drugstore game. Enough for now though. Good luck with your new $15 a day goal!


    1. "boring," I actually hate buying all those items and because I get so frustrated at having to spend money on them I tend to purchase smaller amounts (backwards thinking... I know). I'm hoping that biting the bullet and buying bigger quantities is going to save me some money this year.

  2. Replies
    1. I know, I have this sense of relief, "I don't have to buy TP this month" ahh

  3. You could spend less and get more value for your money if you only bought those things on sale or with a coupon, better if both occur at the same time.

    Dryer sheets are not good for dryers, lungs or skin. Use vinegar in the rinse instead of softener if you do use it, to get rid of static. Also, adding a bit of humidity to the house will eliminate static and make the house feel warmer. For an adult, a safety pin in a seam of pants or skirt or whatever garment, will eliminate static.

    My daughter insists on using dryer sheets, but she said a fourth of a sheet can be used several times, saving money.

    1. I try that, coupon and sale combo as much as possible. However I'm just embarking on coupons because they've always seemed more work than they're worth.

      Will vinegar in the rinse leave a strange smell? I know that the "softener" that I bought for my son's diapers is mostly vinegar but I feel like you can sort of smell it on the clean clothes.

      I will have to try the safety pin thing! And using partial/ reusing dryer sheets does sound like a really great idea. The humidifier on the furnace must not be working and I certainly can't afford to go out and purchase a free standing one right now but it is CRAZY static-y in here.

      Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll have fun looking into and trying them all out.