Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Made Soup! (and a quick goals rundown)

I hate making soup. I never make soup. Soup never seems filling enough. Yet this simple task seems to be a prerequisite for every good homemaker. I had some celery that had gone soft and carrots I needed to use up. So I strayed from my norm and decided to give this thing another go. I boiled the carrots in chicken stock. With 4 minutes remaining I threw the celery, some frozen peas, and frozen corn in. I cooked up a box of long grain and wild rice (which has a mild seasoning). I mixed the rice into the veggie mix and whala I now have a very filling, VERY healthy, actually very yummy tasting soup that my son LOVES.

I'm quite proud. I just never make soup.

Average daily spending this year: $15.85

I'm going to shop for the weekend tomorrow. I'll try and reign in the spending then and get back under my $15 a day goal. As far as other goals are concerned: I haven't paid any bills late thus far. I have not used any from of credit or borrowed money (or gone into overdraft). I have been keeping a food journal, been reading, and really looking for lovelies. I have had 5 NO SPEND days this year. And as far as "30 days to think on it" is concerned, I haven't bought one single thing/ stuff/ non-consumable OR written anything down on my 30 days wait list. Pretty good I'd say. I also haven't been checking into facebook on odd numbered days.

Today's lovely: While walking through the store not even noticing that I was passing the floral department all of the sudden the most fabulous, intense, wonderful scent of spring embraced me like a cloud of perfume. I turned around to see a table filled with daffodils and hyacinth. Every part of my being smiled upon walking into the fragrance. It was heavenly; like remembering a long forgotten cherished friend. I kept walking for a few seconds until I realized that I must cherish this moment in time. I turned around and walk through the cloud once more. Ahh, so beautiful. I stopped at the table and pressed my nose into the hyacinths. Talk about "stopping to smell the roses," NO joke, everyone needs to take time out for such activities.


  1. Ah, yes, soup! I make it quite a lot, but you're right, it's not super filling. I'm glad yours worked out so well :)
    I love flowers.

    1. This one was very filling because it was PACKED with hearty veggies and rice. Normally soup just isn't filling for me but this one was. I was quite happy. I love flower too especially in the middle of such a cold winter :)