Monday, January 20, 2014

What Do You Already Have?

This one's for you Sluggy.

Several months ago I REALLY wanted to purchase some bins for my sons dresser/ changing table. Next to the drawers there are these three short, deep shelves. Two of them pull out (and stuff likes to fall off). The bottom shelf doesn't pull out and isn't very practical at all. I needed a bin; something I could pull out of that pit to access my stuff. I considered purchasing one for awhile. I do this with practically everything and I usually just come to the realization that I don't "need" said item. But with this one I really needed something to put in there. Then I brainstormed.

I decided that I'd make a bin with what I had on hand. There was no way I was just going to use an empty diaper box but a decorated diaper box... that might work. I kept all the gift bag's from my son's baby showers. In truth there won't be enough baby boy's born in my lifetime for me to re-gift all those gift bags so I decided to re-purpose a few of them. Someone online said you can make your own mod podge with elmers glue and water. I attempted it... it pretty much worked. And this is my end result.
I've been using this box for my son's cloth diapers (which woohoo we only need for naptime and bedtime now) for months! At first I thought to myself, "a new bin would be better." But the box has grown on me. I do quite like it now. I forgot to post this back when I made the little thing but Sluggy reminded me. I should have made two more boxes... organization isn't my strong point. It fits in there perfectly. I pulled it out so you could see more than one side of it. Also, it looks better in person but you get the idea.

*suddenly I feel the need to explain that the pile of clothes in there are hand me downs that I've washed but are too large for Abe right now. I just set them in there for the time being so I won't forget we have them by the time they fit.


  1. I made one for my sister using the fabric from the baby set I made. She loves it!

  2. I have also made a box from a diaper box. I used a cute fabric to cover it.

  3. Hehe, seems empty diaper boxes can be quite useful. I like the fabric idea better but I didn't have any that I wanted to use and the gift bags worked out well.

  4. A non-consumption win!
    And cute to boot.....

    1. Thanks! It is a win. I love being able to brainstorm free stuff :)