Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Today Was a Fail?

I had planned no spend day 6 for today but I didn't eat breakfast, my coffee was horribly weak this morning, my schedule was way off because hubby worked second shift today (which means I had to go in early this morning instead of in the afternoon like usual), and my shift was a bit longer than normal. I had worked about 4 hours when I caved. I bought a donut and a Starbucks coffee for $4.99.

Now for the sliver lining: I'm extremely happy to announce that January is already half over and this is the first time I've caved this year. Up until now I've stuck to every plan I've had. My husband has ruined a few no spend days but I haven't strayed from my financial vision. This was the first coffee I've purchased this year as well. I hadn't even realized how good I've been doing up until my fail this afternoon.

I tried to redeem myself by writing up a tiny grocery list, just enough stuff to get us through this evening and tomorrow. I had $1.16 in change that I rounded up (outside of the budget) and hoped that after a potential no spend day tomorrow I could get under $16 a day for the year. By my calculations if I spent $7.08 I would be at $15.99 a day for the year. Apparently I'm still not excellent at math as I came in under my projected $7.08 and somehow ended higher than $15.99 (I've never been grand at mathematics). BUT I did follow my plan and come in under the $7.08 and I'm proud of myself for it.
Today's list and a tiny visual of my fancy planning.

I'd like to note that I did not torture myself today because my bank account is empty (it's not), or because I like the pressure, or to punish myself for buying the coffee. Simply, I have a set budget. I'm trying to spend $15 a day this year. I have plans to pay off more debt this year. I have an empty savings account right now. If my average is $17.14 the third week in January and $18.35 the fourth week, and $19.21 sometime in May then I'm just progressively digging a hole I won't get out of. I do not know if $15 a day is reasonable. I do not know where I'll come in with spending by December 31st this year. But I am going to try and stick to the budget I've drawn up. I am going to try and pay off more debt this year. I am going to try to live by the plans I've made and if that means buying a few pears instead of the bag of apples, and getting a cheap frozen pizza for my husband's dinner tomorrow, and me eating MORE chili (I really do love it) then by golly that is just what I'll do.

Average daily spending this year: $16.05

Today's lovely: Coffee and a donut on break. Okay, so my lovelies aren't supposed to be anything involving money but I did really enjoy the treat. I'll break my own rule just this once.


  1. Hey you need a treat once in a while.

  2. Really, as long as you budget for this, I don't see it as a problem. Enjoy the coffee. I would love to blow some cash on take out, but we have a few expenses that have popped up (a new roof repair,vet bills, eye doc).

    1. Those are way too many biggies all at once! Yikes for sure. With that much huge stuff all together I think you almost need a time out with a coffee or some take out. Shoot.

  3. You should budget in a coffee now and then. Much less guilt inducing :)
    I am a McDonalds coffee person myself. I refuse to pay $4.95 for a coffee and I will not use words like grande or venti. I am Canadian for crying out is a double double or nothing.

    1. I actually have coffee with a friend budgeted in for today :) I'm quite proud of myself for that one.
      And I LOVE McDonalds coffee. I honestly used to purchase at least 3 and we're talking bare minimum 3 Starbucks coffees a week. That was when I was using credit cards like it was fun. I switched to McDonalds before I really bit the bullet and started pretty much exclusively brewing at home. McDonald's coffee is really very good!

      The main problem I face is that there is a Starbucks in the building(s) I work in. Torture.