Saturday, January 25, 2014


NO SPEND day 7 of 2014 is done. I'm a homebody so I really take it easy and hardly ever leave the house on Saturdays but oh how I love the down time!

Average daily spending this year: $16.42

Today's lovely: I started sewing an upcoming birthday gift this evening. I don't know what it is about simply cutting up some fabric, snipping the thread and beginning to piece together this imaginary thing you've floating around in your mind... it makes me feel fuller. It may look hideous when I've finished but in the mean time I have the satisfactory pride that comes along with starting a project. And don't ever ask me, "did you get that from pinterest?" My mother in law asks that anytime I make anything and maybe I saw it on pinterest or maybe I did not but there's just something so belittling about that question. I can't stand it! Sorry those last three sentences probably shouldn't be a party of my "lovely" paragraph.
ALSO, my baby said his first ever prayer last night. We try to pray before bed every night. It's a simple little prayer, "thank-you Lord for Daddy and Maggie and Bozzy and Deedee and Grammy and..." You get the idea. Last night I asked him, "what do you want to thank God for tonite?" It's the first time I've done that. I usually just ask him if he wants to say our prayers. He always smiles and says yes. At the end I say "Amen," and then I ask, "can you say amen?" He always gives the cutest little smile and says, "Ay may."

"Buddy, what do you want to thank God for tonite?"

"Manny. Aymay. Manny. Aymay. Bozzy. Aymay. Daddy. Aymay."

He calls Maggie, Manny. My heart swells!