Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Shopping Results Are In

Well I bought extras. Figures. But I think they're excusable. I'm hoping that my mom and sis will stop by tomorrow and I picked up a few cake fixins so I can make my momma a birthday cake. I did not buy a coke or a candy bar or any lunch food; just cheese, bananas, a cake mix and a tiny bit of heavy whipping cream.

It sure is nice having food in the house again. Before Thursday I was trying not to obliterate the $2 we had in the bank account and we were out of everything; bread, cheese, crackers, any sort of meat, veggies, yogurt, noodles, cheese, butter, sugar... you name it! Yes I listed cheese twice and butter and sugar are very important to me. I feel like this weekend will be spectacular just because the house has food in it.

Average daily spending this year: $16.42

Yesterday's lovely: I walked outside in the morning and was assaulted by the bitter cold wind. It hit every part of my exposed skin like a high powered ice ray; some kind of thing you'd see a villain use in a super hero movie. I could feel the toes in my shoes turning purple (they really do that) and my face burned from cold. But the sun was deceivably bright and comforting. Somewhere in the earths atmosphere our bitter cold and icy world was met by this other warm sunny world that shown overhead almost tauntingly but refused to bust through the barrier. All around me, as far as the eye could see the freshly fallen 12 inches of tiny fluffy snowflakes was sparkling, brighter and shinier and more colorful even then any man made glitter. I was frozen to my core but I was standing in a magnificent sparkly snow globe, like a Christmas card only real and a billion times better. See the thing about winter is that it can be torturous but if you take a minute to look at it it will amaze you every single time.


  1. I think my fridge will look like yours by the end of next week since I only have $11 left in my grocery budget:)

  2. I know the no-food dilemma. However, I have cokes, milk, bananas. If I have those, I am okay. But, you were seriously out of food. I can say that butter and sugar are not important to me. That is what I thought. Then, I thought that I can feel that way because I have all the things you were out of. It is funny that a seriously depleted larder makes things seem sooo important. I have been there.

  3. Do you buy bisquik? It goes on sale oftenand coupons are plenty. When we are out of bread I stir up some biscuits, my family thinks its a treat, LOL. It keeps a long time in the fridge and is good for a lot of things, even a yummy crustless quiche that can make even the sorriest leftovers into a meal

    1. I have some really old bisquick. I actually bought some while it was on sale a long time ago and I never really knew what to do with it (and didn't look it up), except for the one recipe that I used to use it in. I'm sure it's way beyond expired now. Those are some good ideas though.

    2. most of the basic recipes are on the box