Saturday, November 2, 2013

$11 a Day November

My November project will be attempting an $11 a day average for spending. 

My strategy for this plan
Bring lunch to work EVERYDAY 
Not make any large unnecessary purchases or little luxury purchases (like pop)
Speak to hubby about us not eating out this month
Look a little harder for good deals at the store
Write the weekly budget out on paper and STICK TO IT
Plan meals with items that are on sale for the week
Try to maintain the average as the month goes by so I don't have to catch up at the end
Squeak out 18 NO SPENDs
Remember to give thanks daily for what we already have

Average daily spending for November so far: $8.70


  1. I love pop. It's definitely a weakness for me. Good luck with the month.

    1. I struggle because I've gotten really good at not buying Starbucks but then I'm like, "ooh, a coke is only $1.79 and a yummy coffee would be almost $4. that's saving money right..." yeah, not if you just don't buy either
      : )

  2. 18 no spends, ooooh!! Exciting! This feels like going back to the beginning of 12 bucks a day, huh? :)
    I love the "give thanks daily". It really helps.
    Good luck!

    1. I know right, I have 32 left for the year so that's 16 this month and 16 next month. I really actually need to hit close to 18 this month if I want to make it to 104. If I don't leave some wiggle room for December my goal will be shot!