Sunday, November 10, 2013

Double Whammy

I did not buy the cream cheese yesterday AND I spent money.

I had a strong feeling that my husband would ask to go out to dinner this weekend and when he did I could not say no. He came home from work in a relatively good mood and he wanted to go to a relatively cheap diner that would be fun for Abe. We went to a little locally owned chili dog place in town but before we left I reminded him of the plan, "ONE dinner out and ONE pizza this month." He said, "yep. I know. This is the dinner out."

We were the only ones in the restaurant so there was no worrying about our little guy being crazy or suddenly screeching. It's always so lovely to go to dinner a bit before the regular hour and have the diner to yourself. Abe sat in the booth with mom mom and dahdah (that's what he calls us) and was a very big boy (and there wasn't any screeching). He loved his food (and the ketchup). He drank the tiniest cup of chocolate milk I've ever seen. You'd have thought it was Christmas morning. That chocolate milk was such a treat! The three of us had a very good time for a grand total of $16.79.

My average is up now and I'm planning a close call NO SPEND tomorrow but I'm happy that I didn't hit $12.

Average daily spending for November: $11.44
(counting tomorrow as a no spend in the above average)

Number of days in a row
Not buying food at work: 9
Not making large unnecessary purchases or luxury purchases: 9
Since we last ate out: 1
And I'm at 5 out of 18 NO SPEND days so far this month


  1. I'm not advocating eating out but if you are going to eat out, its nice to fully appreciate it like you did. If you ate out all the time, it wouldn't have been such a nice treat.

    1. Limiting things definitely makes them more special. "We" actually have not eaten out very much since we've had the baby. But we will get take out type meals about once a week; tacos, pizza, sandwiches. I'm not feeling too badly about this excursion because we had a very good time together and we've been doing good eating meals at home every night for quite awhile.