Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Debt and Health Insurace

I took another gander at the US debt clock today. Last time I stopped there I just looked at the US National debt. It's at 17 trillion dollars right now. This time I stopped a bit longer to look at some other numbers. Oh... my... woah!

Debt per tax payer: $149,000. That's the National debt divided by tax payers. In other words my husband and I collectively owe about $300,000 if everyone were to pitch in their fare share and pay off the US debt. As horrid as this number may be somehow it's making me feel better about my own situation. Right now hubby and I owe a grand total of $129,000 of debt on everything; house, car, credit cards, medical care; everything! Our total combined personal debt is $20,000 less than the National debt we'd EACH owe if it were to be divided by total number of tax payers.

So am I in debt $129,000 or because I am a US citizen am I actually in debt $427,000? Yikes! I think it's safe to say that no matter how horrible I've been with money over the years, congress is worse with it than I am.

In other US news we had to sign up for a new health insurance policy today. Ours was dropped due to the affordable care act. If you've been listening to all of the debate in the news it doesn't matter what anyone is saying. The letter we got in the mail specifically said, " your policy is being canceled due to the ACA..." We'll be paying $20 a week more; $1040 a year. That's not a ton of money right? It is to me. It's an entire credit card. It's a really nice trip somewhere. It's a whole lot of awesome toys and clothes and anything my son could ask for. So we'll basically be paying $1000 more for what we already had. That's cool. Is there any way I can just stop all the "little" expense increases? Please? They're making me nauseous.

In the grand scheme of things, none of it matters. I had a great day with my son. We have our health. The beauty of Autumn is in full swing and the Holidays are upon us. In the grand scheme of things $1000 won't be missed (right?) BUT concerning every day life, purchasing groceries, and paying for gasoline... yeah. I'm just frustrated.


  1. That stinks your premium is going up. Do you qualify for a tax subsidy? Is the coverage the same?

    I'm happy to hear you had a great day with your son. Its getting very cool here. Snow is right around the corner.

  2. Our insurance was dropped as well. The premiums went up for the new insurance with the same coverage, but my husband's work is covering it. We are fortunate - I know many people that are struggling to make the new payments.