Sunday, November 24, 2013


We feasted; turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, cornbread casserole, and stuffing. My fridge is packed full of leftovers. Dessert is still on the fence. I might make an apple pie before the night is up but we're so stuffed that this is possibly the first time I've ever not wanted a sweet treat to finish the meal.

I honestly cannot believe that my average is under $12 a day for the month and I've pulled off an entire thanksgiving feast. Everything but the stuffing was made from scratch; no boxed potatoes and gravy out of a jar. When in truth is it cheaper to eat the processed foods. This is truly an eye opener as to what sticking to the budget, planning out the groceries and looking for deals, not purchasing coffee, pop, a donut or candy bar here and there, and really putting forth a tremendous amount of determination can accomplish. I'm a bit antsy to see what the average daily spending for November will end up being.

On another note can someone please explain to me how every photo or television appearance of a roasted turkey shows a golden brown bird tightly tucked into that fancy schmancy serving platter and the two I've made looked like a bomb went off in my oven; skin torn exposing white breast meat, drumsticks pointing at odd angles, and various different shades of turkey (never golden brown)? Bah! I apologize if you're a vegetarian... this must be an awful paragraph.

Average daily spending for November: $11.88
(counting the next 2 days as no spends in the above average)

Number of days in a row
Not buying food at work: 12
Not making large unnecessary purchases or luxury purchases: 12
Since we last ate out: 2
And I'm at 13 out of 18 NO SPEND days so far this month


  1. So excited that you are on track with your daily spending!! Especially consider Thanksgiving. You rock!!!!

  2. :D No, the turkey paragraph was awesome! :)
    The one time I cooked an entire turkey I cooked it in a special turkey baking bag (plastic). The bird got golden brown.
    So happy you had a feast!