Thursday, November 7, 2013

Comida Para Los Perros

Guess who just bought dog food and still stayed on budget?

Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! It was me! It was me!

There is a disclaimer though. I can't spend any money for the next three days or I'll go over. Honestly this is really difficult. I can not tell you home many things I wanted to purchase today (just regular everyday groceries) but did not because I was determined to stay on track. We have enough food for the next three days. We have all the necessary household supplies. And in other good news my husband has so far agreed that we'll go out to eat once and get a take out pizza once this month. Hopefully he's not planning on either of these two options before Monday.

We're only one week into the month but right now I am feeling like a champion.

Oh, and I started Christmas shopping too. I spent a whole $1.12 on something for one of the nephews. Score!

Average daily spending for November: $10.91
(counting next three days as no spend days in the above average)

Number of days in a row
Not buying food at work: 6
Not making large unnecessary purchases or luxury purchases: 6
Since we last ate out: 16
And I'm at 4 out of 18 NO SPEND days so far this month


  1. Congratulations on comida para los perros y los humans, too :D

  2. Great job! Sounds like your husband is coming around.