Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finding Rewards Along The Way

I decided to change this entire post because I remembered that I bought coffee creamer today.

I ended up buying a small bag of cat food this morning and the most measly amount of groceries you've ever seen when I got out of work. Amongst the few items I picked up was coffee creamer. I went several days without any coffee this month which for me is like going without water. Then when I finally picked up a small tin of grounds for $2.50 (not the tastiest coffee I've ever consumed mind you) I ran out of creamer. Thus I have been putting a small bit of %2 milk in my (not too delicious) coffee for almost a week. A tasty hazelnut creamer (my flavor of choice) does help to mask the cheapness of coffee (in case you were unaware). It tastes okay but I've spent 4 weeks in Guatemala drinking some of the freshest, smoothest, most delightfully nutty (not bitter in the least) coffee you could ever dream of. Cheap grounds with 2% milk... not my idea of a fantastic morning.

Today I bought coffee creamer <happy dance>. You can tell a woman is serious when she compromises her morning cup of coffee for the budget. I'm not even joking I feel like I just purchased liquid gold. Do you have any idea how excited I am to wake up tomorrow... I am excited!!! I say all of this mostly to emphasis that there is some good that comes out of self restraint. The little things in life become much, much sweeter. I never thought I could be so excited about creamer.

I'm SOOO close to my average daily spending goal for the month too. I'll honestly be really really crazy happy if I come in anywhere under $12 a day this month. Eleven something would be fabulous. One day at a time...

Sidenote: a dear friend of mine (one of the nicest people you could ever meet) posts beautiful photos on her blog, as well as neat recipes. I love her post from today. It's sort of about a viking hunter in Sweden. For a bit of lovely please do stop on by http://pieliekamais.blogspot.com : )

Average daily spending for November: $11.53
(Counting the next two days as no spends in the above average)

Number of days in a row
Not buying food at work: 7
Not making large unnecessary purchases or luxury purchases: 7
Since we last ate out: 10
And I'm at 9 out of 18 NO SPEND days so far this month


  1. I just want to say I've been there and I'm proud of you. It gets to be a game after a while.... And suddenly you've paid off 67k (like we did). It adds up. Congrats!

    1. Thanks so much! Wow, 67K. How awesome... Congrats to you as well : )

  2. Oh wow, thank you so much for the shout-out! :) grateful and humbled
    I completely agree about "liquid gold", and "The little things in life become much, much sweeter" is very beautiful and true.

    1. Drinking my coffee with creamer right now! Liquid Gold. Mmmmm
      Love your blog!

  3. I am so inspired by your posts!! Keep em' coming ;) They push me in my own journey!

    1. Awe, thank-you so much. I love blogging because it helps to just get it out there especially when some days are so difficult. The fact that people are actually reading and then finding any encouragement is astonishing to me. Thank you very much!