Friday, November 8, 2013

Spending Rundown

I still record my spending on the purchases page but I stopped itemizing awhile ago because it was taking to much time. Several of the days I lost track of this year were simply because I didn't have the time to write out everything I bought and I lost receipts.

Since I've successfully made it through one week spending $11 a day I thought I'd post what a week of dinners on $11 a day looked like for us.

Tuna noodle dish with peas and carrots
Mini chicken meatloaves with rice and peas
Grilled cheese sandwiches
Sloppy Joes (I use the Pioneer Woman's recipe)
Veggie lasagna; onion, mushroom, tomato, spinach, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, and cottage cheese filling.
Shrimp stir fry with rice and veggies; broccoli, red and yellow peppers, and onion cooked in a little veggie oil with garlic, basil, salt, and pepper.
Leftover Lasagna

We've eaten mostly cereal or eggs for breakfast. Lunches have been mostly leftover dinners. I've made a few batches of cookies and there's been quite a good amount of fruit and veggies in the house all the while. I haven't needed to purchase toilet paper. I picked up shampoo last Friday and some Draino on Monday. I can't think of anything else. Oh, the dog food yesterday. I think that's the rundown.

Cutting out little extras: pop, ice cream, lunches while working (even though I tend to keep these on the frugal side), coffee, has really helped to bring spending down. My average so far this year has been around $15 a day. I'm stoked that I made it through October on Twelve. A week of $11 in November amazes me. Like I said before: Target Practice! Sometimes you hit the mark. Other times you're way off. But the more you try the better you get.

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