Saturday, November 30, 2013

Itty Bitty Joys and $11 a day Results

I finally finished grooming dog number 2. She looks SOOOO much better than she did with her big fluffy matty coat. She's spunkier now too. That's a second $50 saved. So maybe it took me about three weeks to trim both the dogs, I cut their nails twice, I bathed one of them so far. $100 for the grooming of both of them is a savings WELL worth the bit of extra time I spent chasing them around the house to finish that foot, and then trim behind that ear, and so on. Here's my baby girl all trimmed up. Did I ever mention that we don't have clippers. I used scissors to groom them both.

Yesterday we rushed out of the house to Thanksgiving desserts with my family and honestly forgot to eat dinner. My husband decided that we needed to pick up hot dogs. I said, "no, I am not going to ruin NO SPEND day 88!" Then he offered to purchase his dinner and my hotdog with his lunch money. It was like a mini date. He paid for me!

When we arrived at my brother's house my sister in law handed me this ever so scrumptious bag of peppermint bark and no I have not purchased or had any yet this holiday season. Talk about a wonderful gift! I was planning to purchase some peppermint bark in December after the $11 a day November challenge was over. I'd been resisting the purchase for weeks. But I am now determined to use this bag of goodness to make it at least two more weeks before I purchase any for myself (EVEN if I see a great sale). Thank-you Jessica!!!

Well, you ready for the results of the $11 a day November challenge? Drum roll please... This month I spent an average of $11.43 a day. That is $12.84 over my goal for the month but a $12.84 overage for the whole month leaves me ecstatic. I'm thrilled with my results; exuberant that I came in under $12 a day. It was not easy. As for the 18 NO SPENDs, I made 17 of them. That leave 16 for December which will honestly be a challenge but I'm planning to cram them in during the beginning of the month and hopefully that will help close out the year with my 104 goal.

Hooray for all the little joys! I always find it neat how challenging ones self opens up doors to delight in smaller things, like a hot dog that your husband buys for you, or a bag of holiday candy. This was a good month. I am happy.

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