Monday, November 4, 2013

So Far...

Planning really is better (even if I hate the effort). I saved $20.48 on my groceries today and only used 1 coupon. I basically only bought stuff on sale. We now have enough food in the house for at least 6 dinners, and I bought toothpaste, draino, baby wipes and quite a lot of veggies.

Today I'm thankful for our furry kids. We've 2 miniature Schnauzers and one very mutty Siamese kitty. We're a very blessed family.

These are two of my kids
Average daily spending for November: $10.78
(Counting tomorrow and Wednesday as no spend days in the above average)

Number of days in a row
Not buying food at work: 3
Not making large unnecessary purchases or luxury purchases: 3
Since we last ate out: 13
And I'm at 2 out of 18 NO SPEND days so far this month


  1. I'm not sure what you meant by planning but I've started checking the fliers for the grocery store and have been able to take advantage of a lot of BOGO deals. This has meant we consistently "save" 30% on our grocery bill on things we would be buying anyway. Of the two stores I frequent, both have BOGO deals and both have online fliers which helps a ton!

    1. That's a part of what I meant. Taking the time to review the on line flier and write a list and schedule meals and work meals around sales, now that is planning and it takes time. But like you said it definitely saves money.

  2. Baby wipes- hopefully you don't buy formula, that stuff sure is way more than $12 for a can :(


    1. nope. I nursed as long as my body allowed and now my little guy is way past the formula stage.