Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dog Poo and Cream Cheese

I spent almost 2 hours this morning brainstorming a fun activity for my son and I to do today. Then I decided we should just go out back and pick up dog poo. He actually had alot of fun.

No Spend Day Dilemma: The cream cheese is on sale this week and I need it to make cheesecake later this month. Do I blow the no spend day and add $5 to my spending this week or just wait for it to maybe go on sale later?


  1. I'd see if you can look up next weeks store fliers and see if it's on sale somewhere next week. With the holiday baking sales it's likely that it will be on sale again somewhere. The other thing to consider is- how much of it do you need to buy, and how much you'd save by buying it now. If it's enough of a savings, I'd break the no spend. But only for that!


    1. I'm betting that it will be on sale later but right now I can get 4 cubes for $5. I'm so torn.

  2. I bet it will go on sale. Cream cheese is always on sale around the holidays. I bet if you go for the no spend you will be rewarded with another cream cheese sale!

  3. Looks like he is having so much fun! :)