Sunday, November 3, 2013

One Day at a Time

I spent much of today planning, looking at ads, and jotting down things we'll be needing this week. I plan to shop tomorrow trying to stick to the $11 a day budget. Then I'm hoping for a NO SPEND on Tuesday and on Wednesday. Thursday we get a paycheck. That will start a new financial week for us and I will shop again on Thursday. Truly fascinating stuff, eh?

Here's what I'm wondering though, do I try and sneak in future needs, such as the potty seat, stuff for Thanksgiving, stamps, a little at a time or should I stock pile food for meals and household items and then start getting the "future" needs later? I know, what kind of stock piling can be done on $11? Well, taking it one day at a time I guess.

Today was NO SPEND numero 2 for the month.
Average daily spending for November: $5.80
Today I'm thankful for a cozy warm home and my family of course. I'm most thankful for my family so I could list that everyday: A cozy warm home and my family! Ahh


  1. Do you know anybody who has potty trained their kid in the last couple years? See if you can borrow their potty seat. We bought two, one for home and one for daycare, and I lent one to a friend.

    1. Even though it seems like we waited WAY longer than everyone we know to start having kiddos everyone we know had their 2nd or 3rd or 4th around the same time Abe was born. I think all the potty seats in my town are being used right now : )

  2. I think it is best to get needs along the way, looking for sales of course. I have done the wait as long as possible to get things and then had to spend $$$ to get what I needed. Take for example dress clothes. I kept putting off buying dressy clothes for the family. I could have been buying things here and there, but kept finding other things to do with the money. My husbands grandma died and I had to go and spend hundreds because we all needed everything, pants, shirts, shoes, get the idea. Do you think I learned from that?? Nope. Last weekend I spent $300 on winter coats and boots for my kids. I lucked out on some sales thankfully. I live in the Canadian snow belt. Winter comes every year. I should have bought at the end of the season last year and been ready. Don't even get me started on Christmas planning! :)

    What's that saying "When you know better you do better." Yah, we will get there.