Monday, November 11, 2013

Today's Money Saving Adventure

Well my dogs might not be making it onto the Christmas card this year but their winter "grooming" is underway.

I am NOT a fan of cutting my dogs hair and nails. Every time we cut their nails my boy bleeds. He apparently has very long quicks. As for their hair, I had a shih tzu when I was younger and I was always tasked with cutting her long matted hair. Apparently my mom had never heard of a dog groomer. I always and I'm talking every single time cut her poor puppy skin and made her bleed. I'm traumatized. We take our dogs to the groomers about twice a year but they charge about $100 for the both of them. Ouch.

A few days ago I buckled down and cut their toenails. I'm happy to report that for the first time ever I did not hit a quick. Today I took the scissors to our eldest dog. I'll tackle the younger one another day. Bozzy (our boy) is so happy to have been groomed. I don't think he knows that he looks like a street mutt now. I still think he's cute. My husband just laughed.

That's $50 saved!

1 comment:

  1. "street mutt" nooo, Bozzy, cover your ears! Don't listen to this! :))) So cute. Awesome job with their nails, too.