Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cupboard Check

Well that was surprisingly delightful. We have a lot of food in the house that I was completely unaware of. Like macaroni and spaghetti noodles, taco seasoning, hamburger buns, tuna fish, and some Spanish rice. I think I can quite easily pull off a NO SPEND today and tomorrow. Plus I now have several meals in mind that I just need to pick up one or two things for to get us through this week.

I don't know if it's going to be possible to come anywhere near $12 a day this year. Purchasing things like Dog food, Cat food, toiletries, and gifts for people is really going to push the envelope. We will be under the $12 a day budget for this first week. I'm so happy about that. It's just such a wonderful way to start the year. I'm currently looking forward to the challenge, feeling good about these first 6 days, and trying to psych myself up for a difficult but potentially very rewarding road ahead.

My goal is to come as close as I can to $12 a day average and as close as I can to $15000 in credit card debt by the end of 2013. $1000 emergency fund in January... I hope so. Get that debt snowball rolling again... yes please! Enjoying family, lovelies, and victories... sounds good. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing where this year takes us.


  1. Maybe just look a week ahead in spending. it looks like youre going to pull off being well under $12 a day next week.
    Or Why not put everything left over away (looking at each day or week when it ends) in februari. It Could cover a bunch of little other things.
    I think i'm gonna follow your lead and set a limit per day...

  2. Best wishes on the $15k elimination goal... I'm attempting an $11k elimination this year, and was also stoked at the "treasure finds" in my cupboard so I could be more frugal. I suppose it's the same feeling like when you find $5 in your jeans when doing laundry - even if it's your own money, it's still kind of exciting. :) Have a nice week.