Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fun, fun, fun!

Me: So you know how I've REALLY been trying to stick to the $12 a day budget?
Hubby: Yeah (said with so much enthusiasm and interest)
Me: Ok, well you know how there's basically no food in the house?
Hubby: Uh, YEAH! There's nothing!
Me: Well I really, really, really want to stick to the budget but we only have $25.67 left for the next five days... can we please, please, please eat really cheap for the next 5 days???
Hubby: Are you serious? Isn't that what we've been doing?
Me: Uh, NO! We haven't even come close to "cheap" eating.
Hubby: <grumble, grumble, losing all interest in this conversation >
Me: Ok, lets just start with tomorrow then. Can we please eat spaghetti tomorrow? Please? We have everything for spaghetti.
Hubby: <grumble, grumble> Okay.

Oh my goodness, my life is SOOOO fascinating!
By the way have I mentioned that I hate money?!?!?

Honestly, for all who've recently asked: no he really is not on bored with the budget. I truly believe he couldn't care less about getting out of debt. I do what I can. I try not to drive him insane. But I'm not going to give up doing what's right just because of his disinterest. He might not care, but I'm not living this way a day longer than I have to. No matter how hard you try you can not make someone want something. I just have to work with him/ work around him/ do what I am able to do and hope for some agreement from the other half.

AND thank-you all for your kind comments yesterday. I am bummed about not meeting the $1000 goal for January but it is just around the corner. I will get there. Thank-you for your support!!!


  1. I love spaghetti! :) I have to work around my husband too. We do what we gotta do!

  2. Spaghetti sounds good! I love pasta :)
    Really rooting for you for the next 5 days!