Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This Week

Tomorrow is the start of a new financial week for us. I thought today I'd do a weekly update.

This week I:
accomplished two no spend days
successfully stuck to budget and used cash for purchases
used up food we had that was close to expiring
brought lunches to work and didn't purchase any coffee
got rid of one un-used item a day from our home
am on track to get $1000 in the emergency fund before February

I've also been having a much easier go at sticking to the budget and spending wisely than I've had in a LONG time. Granted it's a new year and I've got a little extra umph pushing me along, but I feel like having one really attainable goal, "$1000 in the bank" sitting right out in front of me is helping so much. Hopefully if I'm able to continue setting encouraging attainable monthly goals like that then I'll be able to keep really chugging along this year. We shall see.

Average daily spending for the year so far: $10.67

Today's lovely: Do you ever find yourself happening upon an aroma that instantly (if just for a brief moment) transports you to a place, a time, a memory that makes your heart sing? This morning for only a second or two I traveled a dusty winding road in the hills of Guatemala, smelling ash from the little fires burning in tiny rickety homes spotting the gorgeous mountains.
Standing on a Guatemalan Mountaintop

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  1. Awesome! It will be a great acheivement to get your Emergency Fund in place before next month! :)