Friday, January 18, 2013

The Wonderful Adventure of Life

Is it really the weekend?

I honestly am incapable of working a 40 hour week and maintaining sanity (and you do NOT want to see the dirty dishes all over the kitchen). My hours at work have been slower for several months. The past two weeks are the first I've worked 40 hours in a long time and while I'm excited to get a normal paycheck I feel like my brain has exploded within my head. I want to go over yesterday and today's spending, which isn't great but I don't think I can even add right now.

Well, it IS the weekend. My brain will now have a few days to try and piece itself back together. The sunset this evening (which I was able to enjoy from within my FREEZING cold vehicle (why was I certain that freezing had 2 Z's?) on my last break) was fabulous! Even though my husband was freaking out when I got home because apparently my son hadn't had a nap for over seven hours and he too was freaking out it was really nice to hold my boy, calm him down, and rock him to sleep while singing twinkle twinkle pretty much the minute I walked in the front door. The groceries that I purchased (also while taking my last break... ok it was my only break today) had to wait by the front door until little man was fast asleep. Of course Bozzy dog thought he should snack on the bag of frozen peas. But with a brain of mush Bozzy trying to eat frozen peas... I should rephrase that: he has no front teeth because of his gum disease, but this impairment makes opening plastic bags of frozen peas quite difficult. So with a brain of mush watching Bozzy trying to open a bag of frozen peas was really just humorous; icing to a long, long week.

It's only 7:30PM but I should wish you all a good-nite! Or maybe I should wash some dishes?

Average daily spending so far this year: ????
I really have no clue : (


  1. Where I tried my best to keep up with the dishes, I just Let them sit there yesterday. So now my kitchenis swamped with dishes from 2,5 days. Luckily, I find doing the dishes on a saturday rather relaxing. First time in a week I dont have to watch my babygirl. Even the dishes Feel like a little me time....

  2. Aww, poor puppy! :)
    Here's to a wonderful weekend!