Saturday, January 19, 2013

That Poor Feeling... Just eat Cookies

I started this Saturday by making sugar cookies. I'm shooting for a NO SPEND today and sugary goodness always gives me a little extra strength. As long as I don't venture out for a frivolous purchase like coffee or a pizza it should be an easy accomplishment. I believe I have enough groceries at home for about 3 days. Maybe Sunday can be a NO SPEND as well. I really enjoy not spending money. It just feels really good to know that I'm one day closer to financial freedom, to the little goals; like this months emergency fund goal. I wish I never had to spend money.

Wednesday I was really struggling with that "poor" feeling. I realized that part of the reason I haven't been struggling quite so much this year with wanting, needing, having to acquire, is because I haven't been feeling poor. I think in the past a lot of my drive to not spend was due to knowing we just don't have the finances. That really creates this feeling of void. And I think it strengthens the urges to "have" whether it be food or new clothes, you just don't want to feel poor. You want to feel full. This year I've been refraining from spending so much because I don't want to spend, not because I'm not allowed to. This makes a big difference mentally.

Maybe I shouldn't ask as often, "do I need it... can I live without it?" but rather, "do I REALLY want it?" It's not really all about depriving myself for the bigger picture but making wise decisions for the bigger picture. There is a difference.

Average daily spending this year: $14.29
That dog food is still socking it to me. I'll bounce back.

Still on track for $1000 in the emergency fund by January 31st! woohoo

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  1. Yes, there is definitely a difference.
    Indeed woohoo on the EF effort! :)