Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Ramble

This past week at work after having a week off was exhausting. It's really difficult juggling all the balls; cleaning, shopping, cooking, budgeting and bill paying, baby watching, sleeping, and being gone for work almost 50 hours a week. I am not superwoman. Cooking when I get home from work is the last thing I want to do. Preparing a lunch to bring with each morning is not on the top of my priorities list. On the weekends I really just want to rest and spend time with baby BUT if I plan a little each weekend the week will be much more successful.

I'm going to do another cupboard check today, list what food we have, and come up with meals for this week. That worked really well last week. Planning takes a little extra effort but it's so helpful. I hate planning. I love procrastinating. 

My short term goal is to cut 8 hours out of my work schedule. At present my husband doesn't think it's a good idea but I'm believing that VERY soon I'll be home with my boy a little bit more each week (and at work a little bit less).

Oh, I asked for a raise again. They took the raise "freeze" off apparently. We'll see how it goes this time. The only thing that's worrying me is that currently I do not have a cell phone. We used to use a small handheld computer to report our work throughout the day. Now we use a smart phone (just for the computer aspect, there's no cell service on it). Well apparently every rep but me has their own. I use the companies phone. They really want me to get a phone of my own but they can't really make me get my own personal phone for work purposes. I'm pretty sure they're going to agree to a raise only if I get my own phone. I'm not happy about that but again, we'll see.

Sunday Plan to Make the Week go Smoother
Buy the dog food, baby food, and formula for the week.
Vacuum, which makes life feel cleaner, simpler, and happy.
Return the deposit bottles (or I'll think about it every day until I do).
Put together a list of possible meals for the week and stock up for at least 3 of them.
Drop off the purge items at Goodwill.

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  1. I will note check your coverage, if they make you get your own phone, virgin Mobile is 35$/mo for a smartphone, cheaper than even most plans(iI used Em for a few years, iI just wanted an up to date android, top of the line w/better coverage so I splurged). but yeah, compare how much they offer you who has the coverage you need and how much the cheapest plan you can handle is. I will note its not worth it to sign away 2 years of your life w/a company in most instances because what if you lost your job? if you needed it ONLY for work, then you are trapped paying a bill. BUT don't forget you can use the current device got and hook it up to Skype and use Skype credit.