Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Debt Quote Tuesday/ Two More Days

Adults devise a plan and follow it. Children do what feels good. Grow up...
-Dave Ramsey
Trying to follow the plan here. Trying, trying, tuh   Rye   ING!

Average daily spending: $12.42
$11.86 left for the next two days and I'll have averaged $12 a day for the entire month of January. SOOOOOO close!

Today's Lovely: Thick dense awesome fog. The entire world was black and grey, transformed into a foreign land. The leafless black tree tops were staggered through layers and layers of clouds resting on the ground. At times I felt like I was venturing through a Louisiana swamp or a painting. I was far from home, from the roads I travel weekly. I love those moments when life carries you off to magical place out of the ordinary and the world seems new.


  1. You're really Doing great! I've got just another 9 days to go. Pretty much got €1 a day left. But a lot of food to help me get trough it.

  2. Amazing how you can remember and describe nature and views like that :).

  3. I can't stand Dave Ramsey however if his sarcasm works for you so be it.