Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Totals

January Spending Tally
$372: All spending minus baby necessities and gasoline.
$314.69: Gasoline and an oil change.
$227.79: Food for the baby, some advil, and wipes.

That's almost $30 a day. It's weird thinking about it that way. I work 8 hours a day. Two of those hours are just for the government/ taxes. Here you go government, my first two hours of every work day just for you! Three of the 8 hours pay for the above list; basic necessities really. That leaves about three hours of each work day for bills. I really don't think I like those ratios. hmmm

Average daily spending: $12.12
I've $8.49 left in the cash envelope for tomorrow. I got this!


  1. I did this once and I realized I had to have at lest $100.00 a day to pay our bills. Scary.

  2. I know you'll make it.
    Thinking about a workday like that, is Good reason to think about Why you work. about 90% of my income goes towards bills and food. Really going to try and get a job to have a bit more left to save.

  3. Awesome about the $8.49 left! :)
    And you're almost down to 12 a day.