Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Debt Quote Tuesday Rice and Beans

"beans and rice. rice and beans."
-Dave Ramsey
Translated: live within your means, under your means infact. Get out of debt.

There STILL isn't $1000 in our emergency fund. That is the first step. Step number one in the Dave Ramsey plan and I have not accomplished it yet. (Granted I didn't attempt to for a long time)

GOAL: $1000 in the EF before the end of January
REWARD: Scottish Meat Pies from Ackroyds and Bewley's Irish breakfast tea.

I like rewards. Rewards might work for me.

Two questions for the week
Do I need it?
Can I live without it?

Today's lovely: waking up before the baby and drinking some coffee while reading a book.

Happy 2013!

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