Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekend Homebody

I got all Ice Road Trucker today; drove over three hours in a blizzard, 14 degrees (-10 Celsius) and  slick, slick, icy roads. Fun, fun.

And then I had one of "those" days. Maybe adrenaline causes the need to make purchases? I wanted to buy EVERYTHING! It was weird. I needed new socks, my husband needed new socks, there were some really cute baby shoes, ooh a new bathroom rug, FRESH FLOWERS yeah, this big bin that looked like it'd be fun for Abe to play in, books, toys, car cleaner wipes... I was even tempted by a three pack of toilet bowl cleaner that we don't need right now. I really just wanted to buy, buy, buy. But I didn't. I'm so glad I can say that.

Ah, it's the weekend. This week seemed so long. I think I'll be staying in for awhile. No more driving for me!

Average daily spending: $13.21


  1. Ok, it's serious when a 3 pack of toilet bowl cleaner tempts

    Stay out of the store...use the weather as an excuse if you have to.

    Ice Road Trucker....LOL.....glad you are safe.....

  2. I have your bin that I have to get to you. I bet he will love to play in it, or at least dump the stuff out of it :)