Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here we go!

January 1st 2013
We had to fix the toilet. Both of the bolts that secure it to the floor broke.
Ah, but my husband's Aunt and Uncle took us out for a very nice dinner.
I LOVE free dinner!

Average daily spending for the year: $9.03

Ok, so it's only been one day but it feels so good to be under $12 average daily spending.

: )

AND here we go!

Two questions for the week
Do I need it?
Can I live without it?


  1. Good start....keep going

  2. Just One day, but One day in the right direction.
    Having a baby changes so much. Font beat yourself up over last year. Just try again this year.

  3. It's nice to start off the year on a positive note!