Thursday, January 3, 2013


According to the budget I've drawn up for this month I should have $1000 in the emergency fund by the end of January. It seems too good to be true and as usual I've drawn up a very tight budget.
It'll be a challenge but we can feasibly accomplish baby step one, $1000 in the bank this month.
That'd be so incredible! What a way to start the year.

Little things to help me stay on track:
Take this week's spending allowance out of the bank.
Only spend cash.
Stick to the budget and try to get hubby to as well.

Average daily spending for the year so far: $8.57

Today's lovely: Watching my son eat cheerios for the first time. He's such a big boy. I cannot believe how fast he's growing up.


  1. Congrats on outlining a budget that has you getting baby step one done and out of the way! Think how good it's going to feel to have that safety net there in case of an emergency. Way to go :)

  2. Awww, love those first moments of parenting. So sweet. :-)

    With regard to the $1000, you can do it! January is when motivation is high for everyone, I think, so a great time to strike while the iron is hot. ;-)