Saturday, January 5, 2013

Junk... Food

Yesterday I took out the spending cash from the ATM. Today I purchased a few groceries. I'm planning a NO SPEND for tomorrow so I'm going to count today's spending as two days for my daily average. If I'm super diligent I might be able to pull off a NO SPEND on Monday too.

Despite the small amount of food I keep in the house I really need to pay attention to what we have and use what we have. A little extra effort in this area will save ALOT of money and prevent so much waste. I throw away so much food because I forget about it and it goes bad. Like right now we have one Roma in the fridge. If I don't plan something for that little guy I know I'll be throwing it away shortly. This year I really really really don't want to throw away food. I wish there were a way to track how much food I've thrown away over the years and how much money it all amounted to. There's no way of knowing but I'm serious about this. NO MORE FOOD IN THE TRASH! That goes for leftovers too.

Tomorrow I will clean the fridge out and the cupboard and make a list of everything in the house and then give each item a purpose. On the menu for tomorrow: turkey bacon quiche and pineapple upside down cake. Is it horrible that I sometimes look forward to a day depending solely on what food will be in it? I do.

Average daily spending for the year so far: $12.69


  1. chop up that little tomato and toss it in the quiche

  2. throw your tomato in the freezer and the next time you make salsa, spaghetti sauce or something else with tomato in it, throw it in. The skin will sluff right off when you thaw it.

  3. I hate wasting food too! I try to buy fruits and veggies to eat healthier but they usually end up going bad in my fridge. Must form new habits and eat healthier/cook more this year!

    I guess I should say hi. I only stumbled on your blog yesterday and will be following your blog. $12 a day sounds like quite a challenge! I only recently started blogging about getting out of debt. Good luck this year!