Sunday, January 27, 2013

Four Days Left

Ready or not here comes February. I pulled off an accidental NO SPEND today. My husband was supposed to bring home milk but he forgot. Our spaghetti dinner was the tastiest I've ever had. It's amazing how incredibly delicious food is when you're accomplishing a much desired task while consuming it.

I've 4 goals for February
1.) Turn my focus towards my other half.
He does not have any interest in the budget but I need to try much, much harder to keep him in the loop. I need to physically write up a weekly budget that I can give him so he at least knows what's coming in, what's going out, what bill is getting paid when. He might not care, but knowing will help him understand where we are at least. I also want to go the extra mile to make him feel special. Griping, whining, pestering... not the greatest tools in strengthening a marriage. I have been frustrated with him for not caring but "you catch more flies with honey."
2.) Stick to $12 a day.
3.) $1000 in the emergency fund. I am SOOOO close. Also, I'm still going to reward myself with Bewley's Irish tea and Ackroyd's Scottish meat pies once I reach this goal.
4.) Snowball, snowflake, snowball the littlest credit card. There's absolutely no good reason for our smallest card to have a balance left on it come March. I want to put every extra penny towards that card in February (after the emergency fund is full).

Average daily spending: $12.82
$25.67 left for the next four days.


  1. Good luck on getting your husband on board. It took me 6 years but this battle was so worth it :)

  2. Awesome about the spaghetti dinner, and isn't it nice when those accidental no spends happen :)
    February will be nice.