Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Such a Spectacular Day... then Suddenly

I woke up nice and early, in a good mood. I have the week off of work and I'm pretending that I'm a stay at home mom this week. I put the pot roast and veggies in the crock pot first thing. I spent some quality time reading books to and laughing with my boy. I deep cleaned the bathroom. I haven't done that since before the baby came home, I know gross. Something about getting the toilet fixed yesterday inspired me to spruce the place up. And I'm a stay at home mom this week. Cleaning the bathroom just seemed practical. I even used an old toothbrush and steel wool to get the grime and hard to reach places. I've never done that before. It was rather invigorating.

Hubby had the day off too so it was nice being together AND getting along. We even utilized a gift certificate and had lunch in a nice little diner. It was pretty neat too since we were the only three in the quaint little restaurant. We learned that baby Abe like pickles. So fun. The only little dip that morning was when my  husband attempted to be nice and took us through the Starbucks drive through. I was planning a no spend day and I thought for a bit that I'd just put that Starbucks trip into his spending column for the week but I'm going to do the responsible thing and take it out of the $12 a day. It was for the both of us and he didn't know he was ruining a no spend. Putting that aside the house smelled so amazing when we got home. The pot roast aroma made me feel really good about myself.

When dinner time came around I scooped out the really tender awesome looking meat only to find that dang plastic thing they put under the meat in the container sitting in the crock pot. It cooked right in between the meat and veggies for over 8 hours. Needless to say my spectacular day turned to tears and a bit of a break down. My husband laughed at me while I stood at the back door holding a box of treats, trying to get the dog to come inside, while bawling about the ruined/ potentially poisoned pot roast. He say's "honey, do you  need me to get the dog? The neighbors are going to think you're crazy." My thought process went a little something like this: "almost $15 of food ruined, wasted, DESTROYED!... we have no dinner now... I'm a horrible stay at home mom... we have to spend money now... there's no way I'm cooking something after this ordeal... I'm a failure"

Hubby picked up the phone and tried to order out. The place didn't answer their phone (they've a bad habit of doing that). I sucked it up and made eggs and bacon. I actually cooked. We didn't spend money. The pot roast was ruined but now that we've food in our stomachs the evening wasn't really ruined after all. Ah, what a spectacular day <with tiny hints of sarcasm>.

Average daily spending for the year: $8.08

Two questions for the week
Do I need it?
Can I live without it?


  1. So sorry about the plastic thingy! I hate wasting food. To make you feel better, once my husband made a huge pot of risotto. I went to put the rest of the rice in another container, when I noticed things crawling in the bag! Bugs! I hated to tell hubby that he had to dump the whole pot he had just finished.

  2. Sorry to hear about the pot roast. I love breakfast for dinner, great job on improvising!

  3. To be fair it's an easy mistake to make! I've cooked a polystyrene board on the bottom of a pizza before! :)

    Sounds like you're doing really well anyway. Don't let a little problem ruin an otherwise lovely sounding day! :)

  4. When I was working full time, I pre-made a wonderful chicken and rice casserole one Sunday night. All we had to do was stick it in the oven when we got home from work the next day. I was so proud of my domesticity (b/c we ate a lot of take out before kids). DH got home before me and and put it in the oven ... and it smelled wonderful until the plastic lid started to melt.

  5. I have had crock pot disasters too. Once I cooked a roast with no lid. When I got home it was brown and crispy on the outside and was raw in the middle. Live and learn!