Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Debt Quote Tuesday

Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.
-Henry David Thoreau
I love Thoreau. Simplify, simplify! Good advice.

I finally bought the dog food so my average spending is up a bit but I didn't buy the rug I had placed in my cart and started to walk to check out with.

Today I threw away our old rug at the entry way. I really liked it. We'd had it for a long time but the backing on it was falling apart (just shredded really) and baby Abe had gotten one piece of it in his mouth the other day. I knew it was time to wish it farewell. But I really want a rug at the entry way to keep some dirt and water from getting tracked in and also to cover the cord my husband has running around the living room for the surround sound. I saw one at the store that I decided I needed. I placed it in the cart and was totally intent on going over budget to get that rug. As I carted it around I realized that this one purchase might put us into overdraft (it would have). I transferred money from savings to cover the Mortgage but I didn't give us a cushion. I only transferred what was needed. That rug was not "needed."

I do intend to replace the entryway rug, eventually. But today I'm happy that patience won out over impulse. I imagine we can live without that rug until we can afford another one. Little steps. Little victories. This year is going well!

Average daily spending so far: $13.35

Off to make dinner; Spaghetti. I can't ruin that one.


  1. Yay you!!!! I have put things back more times than I can count. A small victory but a victory none the less.

  2. Reading your blog everyday all the way here in Ireland, you're doing great. I'm definitely trying to follow your example. Keep up the good work! :)

  3. I was almost going to get lunch at work today, but then I grabbed what I had on hand that I thought would make at least some sort of snack.
    I ended up with a pear, some wafers, some grapes and gingerbread cookies.
    At least twice I was going to cave and get a sandwich, but I didn't :). I'm not saying I should do this every day, but just today it was fine and I'm oddly very satisfied by "making do".
    Like Ireland said, I'm trying to follow your example!

  4. good job and congratulations! it seems like you're really off to a good start in 2013. When I find that I have a want/need/desire to buy something, I try to find it used first (unless it's not something I would consider buying used). This way, it makes the item harder to buy right away and distances myself from the instant gratification. The thrill of finding a $2.00 (or less) item that I would normally pay retail for anywhere between $10-30 lasts so much longer than the remorse for which I would have felt paying retail prices. I know it depends on how good the thrift stores are in your area, but a lot of times, new/gently used items can be found at great prices! I used to be the same person donating the used stuff that is now buying it at a retail place - what a shift :). Keep going strong :)!!