Saturday, January 26, 2013

Five More Days

Hubby brought home lunch today. I guess that was nice of him but it also blows $12 a day out of the water. $16.08 for lunch. Yikes.

Average daily spending: $13.32

If I want to come in at $12 a day for the month of January I have $25.67 left for the next five days. There is hardly any food in the house, no milk, no eggs, no cheese, no bread, no veggies, no fruit, no meat... we're about out of everything but for some reason I feel like $25.67 for five days is do-able. hmm

Another harsh reality that I'm having a very difficult time coming to terms with: I don't see anyway to get a full $1000 in the emergency fund this month. I was sure I'd make it but one of the family members went considerably over the money I'd budgeted for his spending. After a beer festival, two stops at a gourmet store that he learned of at the beer festival (who can live without chocolate stout), and a punk show, well he broke the bank. I am not complaining about him. He is allowed to spend money. We aren't hurting financially. All the bills have been paid on time. We haven't used overdraft at all. But the $500 I'd slotted for the emergency fund has dwindled down to about $350. Ugh! I'm really, REALLY, really bad at meeting my goals. If I were a runner I think I'd always come in 5th place. I'd get to the finish line and I'd get there pretty fast but I would not win.

Who knows though. I think he worked a tiny bit of overtime and I think my check MIGHT be a bit more than I'd budgeted. Maybe I'll squeak it out... Oh, $1000 emergency fund I want you so badly!!!


  1. Don't beat yourself up, you're doing the best u can when u can.,,things always crop up.,, you're still doing fantastically well...anything in the emergency fund is better than nothing and with your bills paid.... Girl, you're rockin it!!! :-) Ireland

  2. You are doing very well! You are in this for the long haul. Its good to have goals, but things come up. Just keep plugging away as best you can!

  3. You're doing fine considering your husband doesn't seem to be totally on board with your budgeting! Just imagine how much you alone spend each'd be well under $12 a day!

  4. Hasn't your husband agreed to do this challenge? He should recognise that he is eating out way too often for such a small budget!

    I reckon you can still come in on track if you plan ahead, eat some cupboard food for a bit and don't let him eat out until February!

  5. $350 is still a LOT more than, say, 50 dollars in the emergency fund. You're doing GREAT! You will get there!

  6. As Dave Ramsey says - getting out of debt is a crock pot experience not a microwave -- keep plugging away!