Saturday, December 14, 2013

$12 a day first annual fund raiser (update #1)

First and foremost I'd like to say thank-you to all who've donated thus far and to reiterate that 100% of the money donated will go to the family. During the last week of February which coincides with my birthday  February 12th I will be sending them all of the donations whether they total $8000 or $80. In truth I'm experiencing such indescribable joy seeing that individuals would choose to bless people they've never met in this way. Although I feel very led to undergo this fundraising effort it is an awkward experience for me. Thank-you and thank-you again for being so kind!

I will emphasis that I am not raising money for a specific need. This fund raiser is strictly a way of giving a gift/ a blessing to a beautiful family of 6 individuals who have found each other in an enormous world, who are taking care of each other, and who are changing each others lives.

This family does live in a poor community. The four weeks I spent there opened my eyes to the HARSH reality of the vast differences that exist on this planet. I wouldn't presume to call them "poor" because they are hard workers, industrious, and incredibly studious with what they receive. But there are challenges to be faced as I imagine would be true of any family living in an impoverished area with 3 adopted children. One of the adopted boys has had medical issues arise this year and has undergone several surgeries. In Guatemala families have to pay for each of their children to attend school at any level or age. I'm fairly certain that this momma has a teaching degree and homeschools all of the children. The education these little ones are getting will open SO many doors for them. I have one child, I can't imagine the everyday expenses of raising 4! On the flip side, I understand why they have chosen this spot on the planet to live. I fell deeply in love with the area, with the people who live there, and word's cannot be spoken about the feeling one falls asleep with at night after having reached out into their own community (on a daily basis) and loved, and helped, and cared for those around who are truly in need. There is MUCH need there.

This family/ these people are incredible. I am excited about sending a little (or maybe a good chunk) of "thank-you for being who you've chosen to be" their way.

My original post about the fundraiser is here.

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