Monday, December 30, 2013

More Stuff and Less Stuff

The countdown continues. Yesterday was NO SPEND 102.

TWO to go!

Today I made a list of all the Christmas gifts that have made our house their home this year. We've 43 new items living here of which 13 are sets or items with multiple pieces. I'm not going to count my son's new 70 piece mega block set as 70 different things and so forth with the other 12 sets. Now I get to hunt through the house for 43 items that we've not used or touched or needed for a year. I should be able to find that many things to get rid of in the next day or two.

The list making process in itself was pretty eye opening. I mean 43 gifts for the 3 of us (of which only a few were from each other) that's pretty incredible. I saw numerous houses in Guatemala with more than 3 people living in them that housed less than 43 things in total. It's a strange planet we live on. I'm feeling a tremendous amount of gratitude right now. My son has been having LOADS of fun with every single thing he was given. He's at the age where everything is awesome. Just watching him play gives me a greater sense of appreciation for what I have.

Well, the hunt begins. Lets go!


  1. You will be happier and it will be easier to clan with less stuff beleive me! Cut baby, but he is not such a baby any more.

  2. Sweet boy! And, we do something similar, although I must admit that we don't count the items that come in. ;-) I'm not as disciplined as you, but I did clean out four bags from our vacation house, & plan to go through the boys clothes & toys tomorrow.