Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I'd planned to not blog today but everyone has settled in for the night and I'm left with my thoughts. In truth Christmas could have been 700 times better. I could have baked more... wait, I didn't bake anything. I might need to remedy that tomorrow. I at least have to make press cookies! We could have had a large Christmas dinner. We could have had more decorations... I say that with a bit of laughter because I put out almost none. I would have loved to give better gifts; I know that's so trivial. I would have loved to... oh I won't go on. I spent very little on Christmas this year and sadly it's gotten to me (I guess I've still got lots of growing to do). I know it's not about all of the stuff (or fancy Christmas cards) but it's sure hard convincing my emotions of this truth.

I write this evening to say that "could have" is in the past and I'm choosing to be happy for what was. My little munchkin has been having SOOO much fun with every single gift he received (except the ones that are still in the packaging because we're rationing his gifts). He had tons of fun at every party we attended. Our family gave us some pretty great presents as well. We saw practically all of our close relatives. Many Christmas crafts were attempted AND accomplished. It was a wonderfully white Christmas. There are at least 2 feet of snow out there. I read the Christmas story to my son from his little kids Bible tonight and he was excited about the baby born in the manger. There was lots of good. I'll dwell on that.

I will be getting rid of one old item for every new item that's been brought into this house over the past week. We're bursting at the seems. Normally I'm annoyed at all the stuff but right now I'm just thankful. We're blessed and blessed again and blessed some more.
Hosanna to the Son of David!
Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!
Hosanna in the highest!
MERRY Merry Christmas!

Oh OH update: today was NO SPEND day 100! Four to go!!!


  1. Coulda,woulda, shoulda,don't beat youself up.

  2. No spend nr.100, woo-hoo! :) Merry Christmas!