Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thinking Outside of the Gift Wrapped Box; December Challenge

$11 a day November was fun? My December project is just crazy!

I have $210.59 left in the budget for the year in order to meet my $13.50 a day spending goal. If you haven't quickly done the math in your head that's $6.79 a day for all of December; cue thee hysterical laughter.

For December I want to see just how long I can make it with $210.59. Three weeks would be GREAT! I'm NOT including Christmas gifts in this month's spending. Cheating? Maybe, but it's my challenge. I need 16 more NO SPEND days for the year to meet my 104 goal. I want to get frugal creative with Christmas this month as well. I have several ideas for homemade gifts. The only twist is that I'll need to find stuff around the house to make them with. Buying stuff to make gifts can cancel out the money saving factor. I want to sew a stocking for my son and maybe a matching one for hubby. I'll send out cards but probably less than normal and I think I'm just going to gather supplies from around the house and make as many of them as I can.

I guess you could say that this month's challenge is spending as little money as possible, while thinking outside of the box, and still keeping Christmas festive and fun filled; cutting costs but not really cutting corners.
Abe's Christmas stocking is in progress