Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Because I Can

And I need to vent somewhere.

All financial factors aside this month has been awful so far. I was hoping to really get in the Christmas spirit, listening to music and watching lots of Christmasy programming while Christmas crafting a little each day (in hopes of saving a few pennies). So far during the last 10 days my son has gotten sick. This in itself is just heart breaking. He keeps asking me to make his nose better and I cannot. He keeps complaining that his ear is sore and I haven't anyway to let him know that the medicine is helping (slowly). He does not understand why I am not making him better. I always make everything better. I can't stand that I'm unable to make him better. The potty training was going TERRIFICALLY. He has been the one excited about it. He has been rocking it. But the past two days he's been so frustrated that he couldn't care less about his little potty and I'm not pushing it on him. This is terrifying for me. I've never done this before and I feel like we're back at square one when the finish line had looked so unbelievably close just two days ago.

Additionally my husband is feeling ill. I don't want him sick any more than I'd wish it upon my son but I'm just going to say it, the man is such a baby when he's ill. I've had very little sleep this past week and I cannot nurse him back to health too. AHHH! Can I tell you I'm popping vitamin C pills like candy right now. Lets just stay in this vein. My littlest dog is very prone to bladder infections and she is showing signs. She has not urinated in the house which is the tell so we're watching her closely and hoping otherwise but seriously, no, no, no, no! Why!?!?!

The microwave died earlier this month which just complicates things further and right now we're not even thinking about the expense of buying a new one. Watching Christmasy programming has in fact caused the opposite of what I had hoped. I've watched a lot of movies on TV and Christmas kids shows during the sickyness and crafting and I've not noticed ONE, not one single reference to the birth of the baby Jesus. I like decorating the tree. I love Christmas decorations. Santa is a fun story. I don't mind one bit that the programming is trying to focus on the three holidays, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas. But the ONLY aspect of Christmas any of the shows have mentioned is Santa Clause and decorating a tree. The ONLY reason I celebrate Christmas is to rejoice at the birth of Jesus. I'm feeling really let down, a bit depressed, and sad. Apparently Jesus is now so offensive that we not dare mention Him on television. I'm feeling so un-Christmasy that I just want to cancel all together. And my house is not decorated. In fact it looks worse than it has in a very long time, just trashed. My son just wants to be held. I just want to hold him and there hasn't been much cleaning (or anything else) taking place here lately.

Also I burnt my coffee on the stove again today and I dried my pants too long. Now I have to drink weird coffee and wear tight pants to work. Keep it coming!

This month, the past 10 days have been horrid. The strange thing is that every December looks similar to this. What is it about December? My next post will have to be about all the wonderful things in life. AHHH!


  1. I have the strangest leftovers-quiche baking in the oven now as we speak, and the entire time I was putting it together I thought of what an inspiration you are to me.
    I hope the boys feel better soon, especially the little one.
    You will turn this around!

  2. As for Christmas and how your Decembers seem to go....Maybe you are setting your expectations too high?

    When my kids were little like your son, life would overwhelm me on normal everyday days, so come holidays and especially Christmas and I just wanted to crawl into a ball because I couldn't get as much done as I wanted to. I had to give myself permission to not do all those things that are expected of us women at this time of year.
    Your little one is sick so that's your priority.....decorating be damned. ;-)
    Besides, your son is young so if you don't get to something on your Xmas list, don't sweat it! He won't even notice(as long as he gets a present or two-heck he may like the box better than the toy!lol).....or just delay your celebration until everyone is well enough to enjoy it. Make this the year you make new holiday traditions and TAKE THE SOCIETAL & FAMILIAL PRESSURE OFF of YOURSELF!

    And you are right about our society, in the name of inclusion, downplaying and even banishing the religious aspects of the Holiday. I am all for letting ALL cultures' traditions be celebrated in our country(and letting those who don't want to celebrate anything do their own thing too), but don't denigrate/exclude the Judeo/Christian beliefs while you are at it people.
    Nobody, especially at this time of year, when Love and Caring is so talked about and touted, should be made to feel bad about themselves or in the belief system that they hold dear.
    Everyone should feel joyful to be who and what they are.

    Tucking my soapbox away now and I hope you feel better and can appreciate what is good in your life soon.
    As Tiny Tim said, "God bless us, every one!".

    1. Thank-you so much and AMEN! I always like it when you get up on your soap box.

      I really need to work on that "simple" thing. I'm not a master at grand plans but I'm horrible at simple.

  3. There is always this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CojUP5nRidA. And if that doesn't help, watch for Nestor the Long Eared Donkey to be on tv. (if you can't find it, you can watch on youtube in segments. I always cry through that one. (I am a real sap! ) Hope everyone feels better soon!

    1. I'll actually search for Nestor with the DVR and set it to record if I find it. I also need to stop watching all the stuff they are airing. It really is just making me sad.

  4. and I was just thinking...do you sew? If you do, stitch up a little ear warmer for your little guy. I use (2) 5ish inch squares, sew them together on 3 sides, turn right side out and add rice or dried beans. Only fill it half full, you want room to shake the rice to make sure there are no hot spots. Sew the open end closed. Heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, and have him hold the warmth against his ear. I make these in all sizes, I love to pop one under the covers before I get into bed at night to warm my toes. Just make sure you use cotton fabric, flannel is nice and soft. Don't use fleece, that can literally melt in the microwave. If you don't sew, put some rice in a sock, tie the end, and warm it up :)

  5. First if all, all men are complete babies when they are sick. Run to the store and get this for me, get this from the fridge, yada yada. For your son, you are doing the right thing. All kids regress at some point with potty training but that doesn't mean they forget everything they learned previously.

    For your budget, this stuff would still be happening if you were spending wildly. Even if you were the picture perfect mom with a picture perfect house, things would still go haywire sometimes.