Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Good

I really do have to balance out that last post. A few days ago my husband left this little treat on the seat in the car so when I left for work there were two chocolate chip cookies waiting for me. Yep I saved an empty cookie wrapper. I might be a hoarder. He NEVER does stuff like this and it was awesome. Can you see the man's sense of humor? And he chose cookies... he knows me well.

I'm exuberantly happy that the garbage was picked up today and that I was able to get the giant bag of trash out of our basement (that's been there for a week and wouldn't fit in the fully loaded can outside).

The roads on my side of the state are horribly icy today. Sections of highways and expressways have been closed down all over the place today due to accidents. It took my husband 2 hours for his regular 45 minute commute. BUT the entire 40 minute strip that I had to travel was perfect, not a bit of ice. I'm not a scaredy cat winter driver. I honestly think I could do the ice road trucker thing. But I just kept thinking that it was my very own bit of "a break in the clouds." Horrible roads everywhere except down my path... pretty neat.

I heard a young man on the phone in the automotive department at the store today trying to figure out which type of anti-freeze to put in his washer fluid compartment (anit-freeze goes in the radiator). I listened to the entire conversation with the biggest smile on my face. It was really REALLY silly. There can be "anti-freeze" in washer fluid but you don't put anti-freeze in the washer fluid compartment. He was standing infront of the radiator antifreeze section for most of the conversation. I really don't like cell phones but sometimes they make for pretty amusing situations. This was honestly one of the cheeriest parts of my day.

When I arrived home from work my hubby was zonked on the couch (with a one year old climbing all over him). I took Abe in the kitchen and brainstormed for a bit on how I could turn my grumpy self around. I decided to have a kitchen picnic. We ate dinner on a blanket on the floor. He thought it was silly. Then I cooked up some home made hot cocoa on the stove. Yep, I made whipped cream to go on top. It may be fatty but there's hardly any sugar in it (don't tell Abe). He had his first cup of hot cocoa tonight. That's Christmasy right? I gave him almost none but he thought it was awesome. He kept calling it tea, haha!

AND no spend 92 is done. Finally! My baby Abe is also acting very much better this evening. We'll see tomorrow morning but he's almost back to normal right now, just a little sniffly.


  1. Makes me smile to see you turn your day around!

  2. :) Awesome about the cookies and your babe being so happy! You're awesome!