Thursday, December 12, 2013

Take Out?

I'm not good with money. I've been attempting for the past several years to get better with money but I'm not delusional. When I really want a soda or a candy bar, no I'm not going to think, "rice and bean, rice and beans... I need to pay off the debt before I spend $2 on extras." Okay, sometimes I think that.

I was on my way out of work today, finishing up NO SPEND day 94 and I thought to myself, "gee it would be neat to bring home fast food." Then it hit me: I'm weird. I'm actually oddly different and weird. I don't ever bring home fast food. I think it's fairly normal in our society to do so at least once or twice a week but it's not even something that's a part of my life anymore. The thought, "gee it would be nice..." was followed by such joy that we've come this far. After my parents got divorced we ate fast food all the time (and I gained an absurd amount of weight between ages 10 and 13). Hubby and I do eat dinner out about three times a month. But it's not normal to bring take out home.

I wish I could better express in words the giant swell of pride that began welling up inside of me upon the realization that I am really growing. Sometimes when you're taking baby step after baby step you look behind you and it seems you've been in this same spot FOREVER. I guess it helps to look farther back to see that really you've come so much farther than the here and now would let on.

Only 10 more NO SPEND's this year!!! That seems do-able...


  1. I think I know what you mean. OK, the no spends are seriously inspiring.

    1. Awe, thank-you friend! I have so few left to check off on my chart.. it is making me SOOO so so SO happy!!!