Saturday, December 7, 2013

$14 a day

Christmas is still more than two weeks away and for some reason all day today I've been brainstorming goals for next year. I'm making myself crazy. So much potential. So much possible failure. AHHHH, new years are so exciting!

Today was NO SPEND day 91 for the year. This leaves 13 more to go for my goal. There's $68.31 in this month's budget in order to come in at $13.50 a day spending average for the year. Right now my average daily spending for the year is $14.27. In truth coming in under $14 a day would be pretty great.


  1. I've been thinking of lots of goals for next year too. I would love to try to figure out how much we spend a day, maybe that's a goal for next year :)

  2. That's a great goal! It's not hard to keep track of if you just record all of your spending in one place. It definitely helps me keep my spending down.

  3. I track all of our spending in a spreadsheet, and am frightened to calculate our daily spend. ;-) What do you consider - all expenses, or a subset of your expenses?

  4. Next year or later this month I plan to post a set of my daily spend guidelines for next year. When I first started the blog it included all of my spending/ household spending minus gasoline which I consider more of a household bill. Since the baby came along I've given him a separate category just so I wouldn't have to adjust my $12 a day goal. If I buy him a toy or a new outfit or even a special treat then I include it in my spending. The Abe category is just stuff like his organic milk, fruit for him, yogurt, wipes, any diapers I buy; needs. Next year I'm going to eliminate the extra category and get back to an average daily spending of ALL purchases.

    My husband gets a weekly allowance which he goes over pretty regularly so HIS spending is not part of the "daily spending" I track. I buy stuff for him out of the "daily spending" but his own personal purchases do not get tracked. He's getting better but is not fully on board.

    In brief my average daily spending is everything I buy minus gasoline and stuff that I consider a need for Abe.