Wednesday, December 4, 2013

One of THOSE Days, grr

Ahh, a new day. Yesterday I woke up ready for a no spend day. My son and I were going to have a calm morning. I would go into work later (after hubby got home) and work five or six hours. The "fun" started when my son knocked his blueberry beets smoothie out of my hands in the living room. There was smoothie all over the beige carpet. A short while later the garbage truck drove right past our house without stopping. I called and apparently I'm behind on the trash bill. Uh, okay, a notice would have been nice. I paid it as soon as I found out but now we have a can FULL of trash that won't be getting collected for another week. They only bill us 4 times a year and I lose track on that one too easily. I burnt the creamer in my coffee again while trying to re-heat it on the stove. Yummy; I drank it. Next the sink sprung a leak and water sprayed all over the entire kitchen.Luckily I was able to fix it but I had that moment of panic as water shot every which way, "OH NO THE HOUSE IS CRUMBLING!" An hour after my hubby should have arrived home he called to say he would be late. Okay, so now my late work day is turning into a late, late work day. GREAT!

I walked out the front door 2 hours later than planned. I honestly wondered to myself if I should just turn around, sneak back into the house, crawl into bed, and sleep for the remainder of the evening (yeah right). I was literally scared the car would break down half way to work; I'm not superstitious but I was not wanting to take my chances with this crazy day. Nothing bad happened but I was on edge. My no spend was NOT easy. I wanted to buy every piece of candy I saw the entire time I was working (yes I have problems). But I did not. I did not buy anything. Can I tell you how happy I was when I finally got to bed last night? HAPPY!!!

Today's Christmas craft is a jar of candy with $10 inside for my 5 year old nephew. Yes I glued a pig to the lid and spray painted it blue just to add a bit more pizzazz. It was the only color spray paint I have. The pig was the only little toy animal I could find around the house (compliments of my sister Starr). The jar is a pizza sauce jar from last week's homemade pizza dinner. This gift cost me $12. Ten dollars cash and two dollars worth of candies. My brother might not be too keen on me giving his kid a jar full of candy but then again I'll bet he eats half of them.

Today I'm planning NO SPEND day 90. That leaves 14 for the year. I have $92.85 left in this month's budget in order to come in at $13.50 a day spending average for the year. Today's NO SPEND should be cake after yesterday, right...


  1. Super cute gift! And, I've had days like that - I call it the bad karma spiral. Once it starts, you just have to let the day pass, hunker down, & focus on not making it worse. Here's to an awesome day today!

  2. hope today is a better day! (pretty sure it HAS to be ;) )

  3. Wow, congratulations on surviving that day! Love the blue pig, LOVE that you've made two gifts already.

  4. Great Idea for a gift! I'm mostly done shopping but I'll keep this in mind for my nephew's birthday. What kid wouldn't love candy and money? Heck, I would love a gift of candy and money!

  5. I bought a big jar of pickles since my nephew wants money, being 13 and all. I'm thinking about getting a bunch of dollar bills and making origami designs. I love the pig I will have to look through the kids toys for something special. I think I would have crawled into bed instead of going to work, you did great!