Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Things NEVER Go as Planned

NO SPEND day 92 is proving to be one of the difficult ones and I had "planned" to knock out as many days as possible in the beginning of the month. My no spends have been getting ruined by necessary things; needing to purchase medicine when my boy got sick, my nephew's birth (the most handsome 5 pound baby you'd ever see!!!), I was NOT going to meet the tiny fellow for the first time without a gift; I just keep missing day 92 by a hair. On the frugal front (and I think my sister in law would be proud of me): I saved the cutest gift bag I had for his gift (so I didn't need to purchase one) and I made a congrats card myself. I do like making cards.

Easter egg hunt results: I found $6.77 in change and bottles. Hawaii planner, you were VERY close. I'm sure I would have done better but it's -9 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now and I could not properly search the car. I didn't actually use any of my finds for yesterday's spending so at least I have a little extra that I do not have to take out of my budget next time I go shopping. Our kitchen currently houses a silly assortment of food that my husband is grouchily expressing the desire to not dine upon but we'll make it. I found 5, including yesterday's dinner, meals worth of food.

My spending for the month is QUICKLY dwindling but I have hope for the final daily average none the less. I've 13 more NO SPEND days for my 104 goal. There's $4.16 left in this month's budget in order to come in at $13.50 a day spending average for the year. Yep, $4. Oops.

On another note,
WELCOME TO THE WORLD LITTLE PARKER!!!! I love you so much already!


  1. Welcome Parker! :)
    Awesome about finding 5 meals!

    1. He's really tiny but not scrawny at all. He's so so so handsome!
      And I know right, 5 meals! woohoo

  2. What a little tyke! Little babies make me nervous.