Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Frugal Christmas Carding

I may have accidentally put an extra cup of flour in the brownies tonight... oops. But I purposefully used maple syrup in the chocolate frosting (instead of corn syrup) and the frosting WAY makes up for the really puffy yet dense "brownies."

Today was NO SPEND day 93. Only 11 more to go and still $4.16 left in the budget this month in order to come in at $13.50 a day average for the year.

Today's Christmas craft was a bit more of Christmas craftiness. I'm getting really frugal this year. For the past five years at least I've been making my greeting cards. I purchased boxed sets before that though and I knew there were stragglers somewhere upstairs. Abe and I went on the hunt and I found quite a bit more than I'd expected. Christmas cards are one of my very favorite things about this time of year and as much as I'd like to purchase a few of the really expensive boxed sets that I've been noticing at the store, and as much as I'd like to make a ton of cute ones myself like years past (I send out 50 some cards... I might not decorate my house to the nines but I send out cards by golly!) I am going to do the sane thing and start by sending out the stragglers. Hey I liked these ones in the past. They should be good enough for this year too. Hoping to get out 10 cards tomorrow.

Also, everyone here is feeling considerably better. Looks like we're finally on the mend. Hooray!