Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lovely LOVELY Christmastime

I honestly do not think I've ever been in such and un-Christmas-y mood. I could go on and on...
Instead I'll choose to notice the lovelies today:

-Hubby sleeping soundly on the couch in his undies and work shirt. It makes me smile/ giggle inside a little.
-Baby Abe running around the house bare bottomed and frantically emptying clothes baskets (one of his favorite "playtime" activities). My kid is cute even when he's causing chaos.
-The snow outside with the moonlight shining onto it is quite lovely. I'm a big fan of snow.
-I'm currently reading 3 books. I'm really genuinely happy about this accomplishment. I LOVE reading but I have not made much time for it this year.
-The Christmas cards that we've received thus far hanging on our wall. They're my very favorite decoration every year and make me really happy.
-Talked to my mom on the phone tonite. We don't talk alot. It was nice.
-I saw my new nephew again yesterday. That was awesome.

I'm a grouch... but there's a lot to be glad about.

This one's for you Ieva.

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  1. Girl, I feel you.My kids are at the age where they totally notice, so I've had to put on a game face. I'm exhausted, grouchy about work, and stressed. It's not a festive combination.

    But, in the spirit of your post - I'm grateful for the light on the trees, two boys who are so happy to visit my family, and that I think I get to leave work on time tomorrow. Woohoo!