Saturday, December 14, 2013

Numbers, Goals, Progress and Such

2013 has a grand some total of 17 days remaining.

My average daily spending for 2013 so far is $14.29
The NO SPEND days so far are 94 (with a goal of 104)

I've already shot past $13.50 a day. I REALLY want to come in under $14 a day this year but less than $13.70 would be even better (that was my 2011 number... in 2012 I did not keep track).

There's only $9.08 left for the year to hit $13.69 a day, sigh. But there's $104.78 left for the year to hit $13.99 a day. I'm contemplating taking $100 out of the bank tomorrow and trying not to spend a penny more until 2014 (keep in mind that I took Christmas spending out of the equation... but am still keeping Christmas on the frugal side). I'm planning NO SPEND 95, 96, and 97 for the next three days. That leaves just 7 days to go!

In October I posted a few goals I hoped to meet by years end:
1. Compile financial info for hubby (in case of an emergency). I'd say I'm a bit more than halfway done with this one.
2. Potty train the baby. I'd like to call this one halfway too. As long as I watch him he's been pretty dedicated to pooping in the potty. He's struggling with the other but we're working on it.
3. Read three books. I read one. I'm reading one now. I doubt I'll make time for one more.
4. Write and send ten thanksgiving notes. Kind of half on this one too. Hm, what is with me and making it half way?!?!
5. This ones a bit more vague. I'm feeling down about our financial situation for 2013. With "uh oh's" and loss of hours at work and you name it this year has been rough on our piggy bank. I would like to go over the budget with a fine tooth comb and figure out a way to feel a bit more secure about our financial decisions this year. I'm not positive what that means but that's the point of the goal: figure out how to clean up 2013 financially. $11 a day November really helped with this one. I'm honestly feeling much better about 2013 after that little sprint. I won't know final numbers on everything until January but it's better at least.

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  1. I'm thinking, "I can do a lot with 17 days". Really :)