Monday, December 2, 2013


Today I spent $102.74. Now keep in mind my December challenge was to make it as long as possible with $210.59. I bought everything today: dog food, laundry detergent, eggs, butter, sugar, cheese, coffee grounds, milk, fruit, veggies, food, and a zebra; November left my house EMPTY! So now after December SECOND I need to see how long I can make it on $92.85, YIKES!

I think I've finished one Christmas gift. Maybe I'll make a few more ornaments for it. There's money on back too, and quarters in the jar.

$15 Money Tree
I almost forgot, our family of 3 went to toys r us to pick up a Christmas gift today that I ordered online at 50% off. The store had refused to give us the online price. I had to go home, order it online with in store pick up and then return to the store to get the same box we were holding in our hands 2 days prior. Can you say, "holidays make everything insane!" My husband took our boy to a store next door so he wouldn't see his gift. Before we parted hubby instructed me to also pick up a Zebra figurine that Abe was googly eyed about when we were there 2 days before. I grumbled a bit but I've learned to pick my money fights wisely and this one I knew wasn't worth it.

I picked up the Christmas gift along with the Zebra, took the toys back to the car, placed the Zebra in Abe's car seat, and then headed off to find my boys. When we all got back to the car Abe saw the little toy instantly. He perked up and started babbling, Sea-bee, Sea-bee, Sea-bee!!!! That's how he say's Zebra. I couldn't help but smile and know that my husband was right on this one. Our boy played with his Sea-bee all the way home just beaming from ear to ear. He was making up noises that a Sea-bee might make. He was asking my husband to look at the toy over and over again. He played with it for quite sometime after we arrived home as well.

The thing is, he's not deprived but we do not spend a lot of money on Abe. I buy him organic milk, organic yogurt, some organic veggies. I make sure he eats really well. He has a smoothie everyday packed full of good stuff. There was a quarter of a raw beat in his smoothie today. That's a big deal to me because I think beets are disgusting but they're crazy healthy. He scarfed the whole thing down like it was chocolate. That's what the "Baby Abe" category on my purchases page is all about. There is food that I buy just for my son but we really do not buy him new clothes or toys hardly ever. He wears LOTS of hand me downs from friends and family and so far pretty much all of his toys are the result of last Christmas and his 1 year birthday party. I actually felt stupid spending $7 on a toy Zebra but I can calmly and proudly say that today I'm glad I did. That's what you call a treat.


  1. Do you have your meal plan for the month? If so, & you'll only need to pick up fresh things, you may be able to make it! Fingers crossed for you. :-)

    1. I haven't yet graduated to being able to plan a whole month but I know I have a weeks worth of meals and fresh food right now. Fingers crossed for sure!

  2. Kids like playing with things they like. That doesnt need to be the expensive things (my daughter loves wrapping and unwrapping everything at the moment)
    Good food and love are so much more important.

    And a whole month of meals planned is what i'm trying here. I got to 3 weeks, with things I made (I just started to love freezer cooking!)

    1. Oh I wish I could love freezer cooking. I don't even like thawing (or cooking with) frozen chicken. We have almost nothing in our freezer actually. I think this is a strange pet peeve of mine.

      Congrats on three weeks planned. I can't imagine I'll ever get past one.