Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Little Potty Talk

(in the potty)

Who needs riches? I feel like I just won the lottery. This was the second to last piece to the potty training puzzle (it's looking to be about a 5 piece puzzle). I am SOOOOO excited! In case you were wondering, the last piece is him figuring out how to pull his undies down by himself.

Can I tell you that this has taken work (as I knew it would) but my 21 month old is just about potty trained in under one month. AND he's a boy. So many people told me that I couldn't get a boy potty trained before 2. I just told them that I have one smart boy. And it's true!

Woohoo!!! With 16 days to go there's a decent chance my baby will be out of diapers (except for bedtime) by 2014. Thanks to all who gave input too. I'm glad I went with the little potty instead of a potty seat. I'd never thought of having it anywhere but in the bathroom until Ieva mentioned otherwise. Ah, brilliant! Bringing it in any room we're in has helped tremendously in teaching him how to hold it but still having minimal accidents. It is more difficult for a boy to hold that darn pee. He's gotten to put a sticker on his potty each time he's poo'd. Jessica suggested letting him run around bare bottomed for awhile and this has been invaluable. When he's been in a diaper he pees freely but out of the diaper he's intent on holding it in. I'm certain that if we'd used pull ups or training pants in place of the bare bottom approach he would be NOwhere with potty training. He loves M&M's. He's loved flushing the big potty after we've clean out his little one. And the pride he feels each time he's gone is astounding.

One proud mamma here!

He likes peeling the stickers off just as much a putting them on so we're missing quite a few now : )


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    1. I could not be happier! Such a huge milestone. My kid might be wearing undies to his second birthday party. How cool is that?!?!

  2. its so nice to cut back on diapers. The running around without a diaper idea actually was James'. I was skeptical, but its great.